Fall is full of sports. Football season is under-way, cross-country, soccer, as well as volleyball, amongst others.

Athletes undergo an intense amount of training to prepare for the season, as well as games, matches, and competitions. All of which is demanding on the body, as athletes tend to have it “give it your all” attitude. As such, injuries are a common occurrence.

Various sports see different common injuries, requiring different treatment plans.

Dr. James Parker, of Parker Sports Medicine in Amarillo, Texas, works with many athletes, professional and university teams to correct, prevent, and/or manage sports injuries.

Some common injuries seen during the fall sports season include:

Knee Injury – ACL or Meniscus Tears, often due to over-running or landing wrong, or a hit

Stress Fractures – very common with cross-country (running)

Labral Tears – in the shoulders, rotator cuffs, as seen with throwing sports like football or volleyball

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