A common injury in football is ACL injuries, specifically the ligament and tendon injuries.

We want to touch here on the knee injuries, the most common being ACL, Anterior Cruciate Ligament tears, medial collateral ligament tears, and meniscal tears, so cartilage injuries. Cartilage and ligament injuries are very common in football. It can be ligament tears or partial tears. Other injuries involve hamstring strains, such as muscle tendon in the leg, ankle sprains, shoulder contusions, and so forth.

With football, there is always a massive force that comes with throwing, catching, blocking, and carrying the ball through other tough athletes. Due to this, Labral or cartilage tears in the shoulder can occur. An athlete can fall, hurt the shoulder, and it could pop out of joint. Dislocations or instability of the shoulder is another, are other common injuries.

Of course, not all injuries are serious or career-ending, however, it is important to consider things to prevent damage and ensure to take proper healing into consideration, if and when these injuries do occur.

At Dr.Parker.com we use a variety of methods. We use regenerative medicine, as well as assessing if there is a need for braces, casts, injections, or others.

Football is a fun sport, to watch and play. To ensure you are taking proper precautions, Dr. James Parker, or Amarillo, TX, can help you prepare for games and give you the tips and care you need to feel and play at your best.

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