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Digital X-Rays

  • Technological advances allow for quicker processing of images, resulting in less wait time to view images
  • Lower dosages of radiation are used with digital x-ray than with traditional methods to achieve the same high-quality pictures
  • Images may be retrieved from an electronic archive for future viewing
  • Digital images can be enhanced or manipulated in order to assist with making complicated diagnosis’
  • Images can be saved to compact discs of flash drives for easy viewing
  • X-rays taken at BSA and Northwest Texas Hospital can be viewed in our office
  • We can view x-rays from SOME (not all) rural hospitals – ER Now, Preferred Imaging, Open Air, AIC

MRI (magnetic resonance imaging)

  • Open air magnet accommodates patients with claustrophobia
  • In-office studies offer convenience to patients
  • Films are read by Musculoskeletal Radiologists. These are the same radiologists that read the films for the NFL and other major sports teams
  • Same day MRI appointments commonly available

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