Soccer is a sport that is played around the globe, bringing excitement and joy to millions of all ages. Participation in soccer is rising, so it is no surprise that the rate of soccer injury is high.

If you have recently experienced an incident on the field, we can help you reduce your risk of further complications and address any problematic symptoms. Early intervention will help you get back to normal in no time.

Common Soccer Injuries 

Sprains and Strains: usually involving the knee or ankle joints, sprains and strains are very common in soccer and most often occur as a result of sudden stopping movements. In mild cases, injuries may include rolled ankles or light sprains which will need to be treated to prevent swelling.

Fracture: colliding with another player can have very harmful results. While often only resulting in cuts or bruises, collisions with another player can result in painful fractures.

Head Injuries: head-on collisions carry a great risk of causing concussions. Symptoms usually involve a headache, loss of consciousness, dizziness and often memory loss.

Tendinitis: as inflammation is a natural way that the body responds to injury, tendonitis is a natural inflammatory response to injury to a tendon.

Treatment of Soccer Injuries 

Depending on the severity and location of the injury itself, Parker Sports Medicine and Orthopedics will offer a wide range of effective, non-invasive techniques and treatment methods. When you seek effective treatment for an acute injury, you will minimize recovery time. We can inform you how to prevent future incidences by addressing your posture and learning more effective warm-up strategies.

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